Wawasan mendalam tentang open finance dan open banking

Kumpulan dari ebook, laporan, dan materi lainnya untuk Anda belajar tentang open finance.

Part v10

Accelerating Financial Inclusion in the Gig Economy with Open Finance

Find out how Open Finance can accelerating financial inclusion in the Gig Economy on this e-book

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Part v9

Optimizing P2P Lending with Open Finance Technology

Discover how Open Finance Technology can optimize the P2P Lending Industry to enhance its services. Find out more in this e-book!

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Part v8

Innovative Credit Scoring & Open Finance

Discover how Open Finance can improve credit scoring capabilities to be more innovative.

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Part v7

How Open Banking Can Help E-Commerce Platforms

Discover how Open Banking API can improve the payments system of e-commerce platforms.

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Part v6

Digging Deep on the eKYC Journey

Let's dig deeper into how Open Finance can enhance electronic Know-Your-Customer (eKYC) to create a better, seamless customer onboarding experience.

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Part v5

Financial Inclusion Insights in Indonesia

Learn about the current situation of financial inclusion in Indonesia, as well as the accessibility to access financial services in the country.

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Part v4

Open Banking Readiness in Southeast Asia

Learn about the fast-growing development of open banking in Southeast Asia and how it has reached a wider range of customers.

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Part v3

Improving Open Banking Experience with Personalisation

Gain insights into how financial companies can attract more customers by using open banking to build personalised products.

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Part v2

Embracing an API Strategy for Open Finance

Find out why fintech companies should adopt an API-based approach to reap the benefits of Open Finance.

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