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Build the next big thing leveraging our Open Finance
Infrastructure across Southeast Asia

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Open Finance

One API, Endless Possibilities

Identity and Income Verification

Instantly verify ownership of bank accounts and level of income so you can serve your customers better.

Transactional Data Enrichment

Transform raw data into tangible insights using machine learning so you can create new engaging user experiences.

Payment Initiation

Let customers transfer funds directly at a low cost from your environment without breaking your user journey.

Why Open Finance?

Finantier is the fastest way for users to link their financial accounts to an app. Connect to wide range of financial data across Southeast Asia through a single API. We provide the infrastructure you need to build the next generation of financial products in lending, personal finance, accounting and more.

Build the next Personal Finance Management app

Accounts Aggregation

Access a broad range of high-quality financial data from banks across Southeast Asia through a single API. So you can provide smart financial services – or engaging new customer experiences.

Accounts Aggregation

Enhance Your Onboarding For a Better Lending Experience

Income and Identity Verification

Confirm your user's identities and incomes to reduce fraud. Develop data-driven processes based on user data to tailor your loans to each user.

Illus 2 - Income and Identity Verification

Reduce defaults and missed payments

Recurring Repayments and Subscriptions

Mitigate your default risk by adding low-cost and friction-less recurring payment initiation from your customers’ accounts.

Illus 3 - Recurring Payments

Every company can be a Fintech company

Build world class tailored financial services and engaging products for your customers. Rely on our secure and easy to use API to speed up time to market in an affordable way. Read our documentation and checkout our blueprints ready to deploy so you can implement the next generation of financial services on top of our platform right away.

Account Verification
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