Financial Services

Connect to a wide range of financial data across Southeast Asia through a single API.

Build personalised products your customers love.

Build Personalised Products

Account Aggregation

Access premium financial data from banks across Southeast Asia to build products tailored to the needs of each user.

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Account Aggregation

Enhance Security and Onboard Seamlessly

Income and Identity Verification

Confidently identify user identities and incomes to combat fraud and onboard in seconds.

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Identity and Income Verification

Reduce Defaults and Missed Payments

Recurring Repayments and Subscriptions

Initiate frictionless repayments from your customers’ accounts to minimise default risk.

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Recurring Repayments and Subscriptions

Open Finance

One API, Endless Possibilities

Identity and Income Verification


Unlock more eligible borrowers and streamline onboarding

Transactional Data Enrichment


Help users automate sending money and paying bills

Payment Initiation

Personal Finance

Access financial data to help users better manage their finances

Made with Developers in Mind

We transform complicated infrastructure into a few lines of code, enabling you to go live within hours.

Account Verification
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