Terms and Conditions

Before accessing this platform of Finantier (“Platform” or "Finantier") further, You need to read and understand the terms and conditions that apply. The following terms and conditions are the provisions in the use of Platform, filling and/or content, services, and other features available on Finantier. By accessing or using the Finantier, You understood and have agreed to be bound and subject to all terms and conditions that apply to Finantier (“Terms and Conditions”).


    Each of the following word or term used in these Terms and Conditions has the meaning as follows below, except if the related word or term in its use expressly determines otherwise

    1. “We” or “Our” or “Us”, means PT. Finantier Teknologi Indonesia as the owner and manager of the Finantier.
    2. "You", means anyone who access and use the services provided by us, including Users.
    3. "Services", means each and all services and information contained in the Finantier, and is not limited to the information provided, application services and features, data support, provided by Us.
    4. “User” or "Users", means anyone who access and use the services provided by Us, including the unregistered Users and Registered Users.
    5. "Registered Users", means anyone who access and use the services provided by We, and have registered and have accounts on Our Platform.
    6. "Third Party", means any third party, including but not limited to the avoidance of doubt, both individual and entity, other party in the contract, the government or the private sector.
    7. "Profile", means the personal data used by the Users, and become basic information for the Users.
    8. "Personal Information", means any and all personal data provided by the Users in Our’s Platform, such as name, phone number email address and further details elaborated in the Privacy Policy.
    9. "Content", means text, data, information, number, image, graphic, photo, audio, video, user name, information, application, link, comment, rating, design, or other material displayed on the Platform.
    10. “Platform” or “Finantier”, means (a) web portal and/or mobile version of web portals created, owned and operated which is currently located in and can be accessed at the following URL: www.finantier.co and www.finantier.id along with the URL changes from time to time; and/or (b) mobile applications from Finantier created, owned and operated by Us or any appointed authorized third party, including iOS and android with the following update from time to time.

    We are a technology service provider facilitating the access between lenders and borrowers. We provide any and/or all information regarding financial products provided by Our Third-Party partners. These Services allow You to be able to see, analyze, read, and compare that information. In addition to the foregoing, Finantier also provides certain other services with respect to data analytics subject to these Terms and Conditions.

    1. The information contained in Our Platform is displayed in accordance with the reality for general information purposes. We strive to always provide and display the latest and accurate information, but We do not guarantee that all information is in accordance with the timeliness or relevance to Your needs.
    2. It is expected that You will not think or assume that this Platform can be used as financial advice, or recommendation for the products and services displayed. Information in this Platform is only provided to assist You in choosing the products or services that suits Your needs. And You shall be fully responsible for any and all decisions regarding the selection of products and services, or in signing a contract relating to the products or services. By providing Us with the details about Yourself, it is assumed that You volunteered to get a certain products or services.
    3. The Services We provide are not coercive or binding, and do not require You to follow the information provided. There are no situations or circumstances that can make us liable for any possible losses that You may face due to the decision made by Yourself regarding the actions of the products information that We submit in the Platform.
    4. We have the right to display, change, delete, deprive or add any content displayed in this Platform at any time.

    By continuing to use or access Services provided by Us, You have represented and warranted to Us that:

    1. You are only permitted to access and/or use this Platform for personal and non-commercial purposes, which means that this Platform may only be accessed and used directly by individuals or businesses who are looking for products or services for that individuals or businesses. Access and use of the Site outside of personal or non-commercial purposes is strictly prohibited, and violates these Terms and Conditions.
    2. You are not permitted to use the Platform including but not limited to the following cases:
      • for any unlawful purpose;
      • to solicit others to perform or participate in any unlawful acts;
      • to upload or transmit viruses or any other type of malicious code that will or may be used in any way that will affect the functionality or operation of the Services, other websites, or the internet;
      • to collect or track the personal information of others;
      • for any obscene or immoral purpose;
      • to interfere with or circumvent the security features of the Services, other websites, or the internet;
      • to hurt, torture, humiliate, slander, defame, threaten, intimidate or harass other people or businesses, or anything that violates privacy or that we deem obscene, insulting, hateful, profane, indecent, inappropriate, not acceptable, discriminating or damaging;
      • in a way that is against any international, federal, provincial or state regulations, rules, laws, or local ordinances;
      • violate or infringe the legitimate rights of others, including without exception to: patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, publicity, and other property rights;
      • To create, examine, update, change or repair databases, records or directories of You or others;
      • change or rearrange any part of this Platform that will interfere or place an excessive burden on Our communication and technical systems;
      • use the automated computer code, processes, programs, robots, net crawlers, spiders, data processing, trawling or computer code, processes, programs or alternative screen scraping systems;
      • violate the Terms and Conditions, or other instructions on Finantier.
    3. We are not responsible for loss due to failure to access the Platform, and the method of using the Platform that is beyond Our control.
    4. We are not responsible or can be blamed for any unexpected losses or damages when You access or use this Platform. This includes the loss of expected savings, loss of business or business opportunity, loss of income or profits, or any losses or damages You must face as the result of using this Platform.

    All Intellectual Property Rights contained in this Platform are Our property. Any or all information and material and Content, including but not limited to, writing, software, text, data, graphics, images, audio, video, logos, icons or html codes and other codes contained in this Platform may not be published, modified, copied, duplicated or altered in any way outside the area of this Platform without our permission. Violation of the rights of this Platform can be dealt with in accordance with applicable regulations.

    You may use the information or content in the Platform only for non-commercial and personal use. Unless otherwise specified and/or expressly permitted by copyright law, Users are prohibited from copying, redistributing, retransmitting, publishing or committing commercial exploitation of downloads made without the permission of the owner of the Intellectual Property Rights of the Property. In the event that the Users have obtained the required permissions, the Users are prohibited to making changes or deletions. The Users hereby declare to accept and acknowledge that downloading the material of Intellectual Property Rights does not mean obtaining the ownership rights to download the Intellectual Property Rights material.


    If you want to give comments, input, or refutation regarding any or all of the content and information in the Platform, We also provide tools to chat/message, email contact, blog, or Our social media. You are allowed to comment, and agree that if necessary, We will use it for the information purposes and be displayed on Our Platform. And please note that the comment, input, or refutation that You give shall not contrary with these Terms and Conditions, especially as stated in point 3 (b).


    Any provide some links that refer or direct You to a page from a Third Party site, including the links that available on certain product search results pages. You acknowledge, understand and agree that We are not responsible for the content and/or other material contained in these Third Party links. You are responsible for the risks when accessing and using these Third Party links. And it is recommended that You also be able to read and understand the contents of the Terms and Conditions that apply to these Third Party links.


    Besides displaying the information on financial products, We also provide membership (for the Registered Users) to You as the Users. You can check Your financial history and also find products that fit Your profile, and can also participate in the forum that We also provide.


    1. If You wish to use the Platform, You are required to create account for Yourself. The account creation process can be done through the Finmart 360 Platform.
    2. Before creating account, You are required to read, understand and comply with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy that apply in this Platform.
    3. When You are registering on the Platform, You are required to provide real personal information and not to provide any deviate or irrelevant information in the registration process to become the Registered Users. In addition, You are also required to provide the true, accurate, correct, complete and valid contact details. You can access and update most of the information You provided Us on the ‘dashboard’ area of Your account after You log-in. In the event of any changes to the information provided by You after registering Yourself on the Platform, You shall be responsible for forthwith notifying the said changes to Us.
    4. We are entitled to not to process the registration of Users who do not meet the requirements or do not provide true and valid information, and We are entitled to also remove the Registered Users from membership if in the future We found things that violate the Our provisions.
    5. Users who have successfully done the registration process, and become the Registered Users, may access the membership at any time through Our Platform.
    6. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of Your account, password, activities that occur in or through Your account and for restricting access to mobile, as the case may be, to prevent unauthorized access to Your account. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under Your account or password. You should take all necessary steps to ensure that the password is kept confidential and secure and should inform us immediately if You have any reason to believe that Your password has become known to anyone else, or if the password is being, or is likely to be, used in an unauthorized manner.
    7. All Registered Users are obliged to comply with the Terms and Conditions that apply in this Platform, and are not allowed to take actions as stated in point 3 (b), either in the membership of the Platform or participation in social media.

    Not withstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, neither Finantier nor its affiliated companies, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees or any related party shall have any liability to You or to any third party for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or any loss of revenue or profits arising under or relating to these Terms and Conditions. To the maximum extent permitted by law, You waive, release, discharge and hold harmless Finantier, its affiliated and subsidiary companies, and each of their directors, officers, employees, and agents, from any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, expenses and causes of action arising out of Your use of the Platform.


    1. You agree to indemnify, save, and hold Finantier, its affiliates, contractors, employees, officers, directors, agents and its third party associates, licensors, and partners harmless from any and all claims, demands, losses, damages, and liabilities, costs and expenses, including without limitation legal fees and expenses, arising out of or related to Your use or misuse of the Services or Platform, any violation by You of these Terms and Conditions, or any breach of the representations, warranties, and covenants made by You herein or Your infringement of any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity, or as a result of any threatening, libelous, obscene, harassing or offensive material posted/ transmitted by You on the Platform. Finantier reserves the right, at Your expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter for which You are required to indemnify Finantier, including rights to settle, and You agree to cooperate with Finantier’ defense and settlement of these claims. Finantier will use reasonable efforts to notify You of any claim, action, or proceeding brought by a third party that is subject to the foregoing indemnification upon becoming aware of it. This paragraph shall survive termination of this Terms and Conditions.
    2. Finantier in any event is not responsible for any default in return of money that is borrowed from the financial partners and the financial partners shall have the exclusive right to initiate proceedings against the defaulter borrower. Finantier shall to the best of its abilities aid the concerned User in terms of provision of information to initiate any legal proceedings. However, Finantier shall not be responsible for any default on behalf of the User. Finantier is merely an information technology platform and the User is entitled to conduct its own diligence before taking any steps to initiate the processes outlined on the Platform or any part thereof.

    1. The use and access to this Site is governed by our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. By accessing or using this Platform, information, means You understand and agree and are bound and subject to all Terms and Conditions that apply in this Platform.
    2. We are entitled to close or change or update these Terms and Conditions at any time, and entitled to make a final decision if there is no incompatibility. We are not responsible for losses in any form that arise due to changes to the Terms and Conditions. When We do so, We will update and publish the latest version of this Terms and Conditions on the Platform. You are advised to read carefully and check this Terms and Conditions from time to time so that you remain informed about the latest changes in this Terms and Conditions. We may notify You of such changes made to this Terms and Conditions via push or e-mail to your registered e-mail address or by Our Platform. If You do not agree to the said update, You can refrain from accessing and using the Platform and Services. By continuing to access and use the Platform and Services, You are deemed to agree to such changes in this Terms and Conditions.
    3. These Terms and Conditions and any other non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection therewith are governed by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. You agree that any legal action or dispute arising out of the use of the Platform will be resolved at Indonesian National Arbitration Board.
    4. You agree that in the event of any breach or violation of these Terms and Conditions or prevailing laws and regulations, We may unilaterally, at our sole discretion and without prior notice, delete your account on the Platform, restrict your access to the Platform, terminate the Services to You. You hereby agree that any material or immaterial loss arising from Your account deletion and/or access restrictions referred to above are entirely borne by You.
    5. You hereby give consent to and authorise Us to:
      • collect certain information from You in order to provide the Services;
      • do the process and use Your Personal Data in accordance with Privacy Policy;
      • give to the other third parties, Your Personal Data as permitted by applicable law for commercial purposes or for any purpose which is considered reasonable and necessary by Us under this Terms and Conditions.
    6. If You still need answers to questions that are not contained in these Terms and Conditions, you can contact us through email info@finantier.id
    7. In addition, You can also read the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) that We have prepared to answer the general questions.

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