Connect Financial Data Instantly

Finantier is the simplest solution to access consumer financial data across Southeast Asia.

Enabling companies to create custom products their users love.

Account Aggregation

One-stop Platform for Financial Data

Easily access data from a wide range of financial platforms. To better understand your users and build the services they need.

Account Aggregation

Income and Identity Verification

Fast and Convenient Verification

Verify identities and generate detailed credit scores within seconds. Say goodbye to frauds and defaults.

Identity and Income Verification

Recurring Repayments and Subscriptions

Integrated Payments

One-click payments from the comfort of your platform. Increase conversions by creating a stress-free experience.

Recurring Repayments and Subscriptions

Powerful Use Cases

What you need, and more.

Identity and Income Verification


Unlock more eligible borrowers while offering a seamless onboarding experience

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Transactional Data Enrichment


Embed payments within your platform to offer a frictionless experience

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Payment Initiation

Personal Finance

Analyse consumer financial data to help them manage their finances better

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Made with Developers in Mind

We transform complicated infrastructure into a few lines of code, enabling you to go live within hours.

Account Verification
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How does Finantier compare to other financial platforms?

Widest Coverage

Gain an in-depth understanding of your users by connecting to over 95% of financial platforms in Indonesia

Most Secure

We use bank-grade end-to-end encyrption to ensure your user's data is never compromised

Fastest Integration

Our developer-friendly APIs allows you to implement Finantier within hours. Allowing you to concentrate on what matters most - building services that your users need

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