The Cloud Guru: Victor Oloan

The Cloud Guru: Victor Oloan

"Focus on a particular technology or programming language you enjoy and keep learning and improving on it. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, learn from them instead."

20 May 20214 min read
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The Cloud Guru: Victor Oloan

Meet Victor - aviation enthusiast, fintech geek and Finantier's Engineering Manager.

Last month, Victor was recognised by e27 as part of its Luminaries Series celebrating the unsung heroes fuelling the growth of Southeast Asia's successful startups.

"Victor believes in Finantier's mission and is always ready to go the extra mile to do his best to deliver, support a colleague and share his perspectives about the industry and how we can do better," our CEO Diego Rojas shared.

Before joining us in December last year, Victor was the Principal Engineer at Softbank-backed Moka, where he played an integral role in scaling up its Point-of-Sale (POS) and payment solutions.

We sat down with Victor to learn more about his ambitions at Finantier, the traits needed to succeed as an engineer and how he overcame challenges to build our tech infrastructure.

Why made you choose to join Finantier?

I wanted to be part of a highly dedicated team that was passionate about fintech.

Finantier's vision of enabling the underbanked and unbanked to access financial services also made me realise the company will bring a huge positive impact to the society.

Can you share with us what are some of your short-term and long-term goals at Finantier?

In the short term, I want to build a world-class product for our clients. Longer-term, I hope whatever we build can leave a positive impact on the community and improve the economic status by providing equal access to financial services for all.

What are the top 3 traits needed to succeed as a software engineer?

Firstly, the ability to learn. One needs to be adaptable and grow to succeed as software technologies are always evolving.

It is also important to have soft skills such as collaboration, communication and empathy.

As engineers primarily work in teams, being able to work together with others is crucial. Only when the team achieves its goals, does the engineer succeed.

Lastly, passion for quality work. You must have the desire to be professional and constantly produce top-notch work.

When your managers and team members know you can perform well, they would entrust you with greater responsibilities, enabling you to level up as an engineer.

What are some advice you would give to an aspiring software engineer?

Focus on a particular technology or programming language that you enjoy and keep learning and improving on it.

Also, remember we are all humans and thus, will make mistakes. Therefore, do not be afraid to make mistakes. When you do make one, learn from it.

Team Picture
Victor (first row, second from left) with our Indonesian team at a recent gathering.

What were some challenges you faced building up the tech infrastructure and how did you overcome them?

Tech infrastructure is always evolving. Every year, a new major version or technology will be introduced and this changes how the system works.

Making changes on a live system is similar to changing a flat tire while the car is still running.

Therefore, it is key to communicate with different stakeholders and coordinate well to reduce the possibility of a rollback.

Can you describe how a typical workday is like for you?

I get up early in the morning and start my day by reading the email and news.

Afterwards, I check in on the progress or any requests our remote colleagues in different timezones send me. I also check on the tech debt (reviewing code) and progress of the Indonesian team.

We have a daily meeting at 11 AM, where it is an opportunity for the team to share any blockers they might be facing.

Once that is completed, I deal with infrastructure improvement processes and work with the backend and frontend team.

I would also liaise closely with the product team to ensure what the engineering team builds is aligned with their needs.

Could you share why now is the best time to join you and the Finantier team?

The chance to be part of an early-stage company building infrastructure that would define the future of financial services should be enough to attract people!

Besides, you will learn what it takes to launch a product from scratch and this experience is hard to come by for engineers.

Ultimately, we are all driven by the passion for fintech and united by the belief that Open Finance can help millions of people access better financial services.

When you build products that help millions, your work takes on an increased level of meaning.

Could you share more about yourself?

I am an aviation geek! I have always been impressed by the technologies and engineering work that goes into creating an aeroplane.

The aviation industry has made a huge impact on our lives. Before planes were invented, it would have required days of traveling to cover thousands of kilometers.

Today, it can be done within hours. Aviation has made the world accessible to everyone.

If I have free time on weekdays, I would also try my hand at some new tech tools. Weekends are family time for me!

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